Board Members

Khalaf Abdul Rahman Bukhatir

Khalaf Abdul Rahman Bukhatir, a graduate of Business Management & Marketing, joined Bukhatir Group in 2004, started his career with Nitco International L.L.C for eight months, and then took charge of Emirates Technical Services (ETS) as Managing Director.

With the core business of Emirates Technical Services as scaffolding rental, contracts, and equipment rental, in just one year, he diversified the company’s business to cover such new sectors as the Service Centre for Motor Rewinding and overhauling and Dewatering Division.

Khalaf AR Bukhatir defines the vision of ETS as follows:

“To become a market leader in providing unique support and solutions as well as offer our customers futuristic benefits through innovative and incomparable services in their highest standard of quality and safety.”

The ETS team strives to make this vision happen by incorporating such measures as:

•    Best business practices
•    Technological up-gradation
•    Resource productivity
•    Cost-effectiveness and speed

Moving on, in 2011, Khalaf Bukhatir took the responsibility of overlooking Nitco International operations and added new Marine services parallel to its core business; GRP Manufacturing and Prefabricated Building and Alliance Facilities Management were added in his portfolio at the end of 2011.

In 2011 Khalaf AR Bukhatir became a member of the Group Board of Directors – ABTEC Group Board and Chairman of Compliance and Audit Committee.