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SEDCO was established in 1983 with a unique combination of insight and passion to provide mission critical IT solutions for various market sectors. Backed up with distinguished business and technical capabilities together with a dedicated team of professionals, SEDCO had succeeded in providing the needed solutions for its customers, including Arabization solutions for printers and terminals, News and Media Management Solutions, and others. In 2007, SEDCO invented "Customer Visit Management" as a new revolutionary concept in managing the customers' visit from the moment they step into a busy branch until they leave. The system provides best customer service, increases revenues, and reduces cost. SEDCO CVM re-engineers the processes around the customer visit to achieve these ultimate business objectives.

SEDCO has its head office in Dubai with branches in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Amman office accommodates the development and marketing team, while other offices are customer service offices accommodating the sales and technical support teams.