The Bukhatir Group is one of the largest and most diversified business houses in the United Arab Emirates. Its main interests straddle Construction, Education, Information Technology, Real Estate, Shopping & Retail, Sports & Leisure and Services. The geographical domain of the Bukhatir Group spans over half the world from North America to North Africa, West and South Asia. The group has an employee base of over 5,000 and its current aggregate annual turnover stands at AED 3 billion approximately.

Bukhatir Group

“Strength Through Diversity”

The giant multinational business empire of today was born in 1974 thanks to a charter of incorporation for Bukhatir Investments Limited issued to the young entrepreneur Abdulrahman Mohamed Bukhatir by His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi.

Riding the crest of the powerful sociological and economic changes that swept the west asian region in the mid 1970s, Abdulrahman Bukhatir quickly identified diverse avenues for investment, beginning with opportunities in the construction industry.

Inevitably, the mother company Bukhatir Investments Limited went on to spawn a slew of subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures. The process of expansion ultimately led to the incorporation of the Bukhatir Group Limited as a holding company for the Group as a whole.

The Bukhatir Group, today, is a highly diversified enterprise. “I see our diversified character as a major strength,” reasons Group Vice Chairman Salah A. Bukhatir. “We have it in us to capture any opportunity and make it profitable.”

One of the major pillars on which the success of the Bukhatir Group rests is technology. Early on, Abdulrahman Bukhatir identified both the technologies he wanted to import as well as the suppliers of these technologies. As a result, several pioneering joint ventures were born and it redounds to the credit of his brand of enterprise that these joint ventures have greatly strengthened over the years. Collectively, they have infused diverse contemporary technologies into the United Arab Emirates and have helped the Bukhatir Group earn its well deserved recognition as a pioneer.


This positive attitude has helped the Bukhatir Group gather an enormously valuable repertoire of managerial talent within its fold. Its executive ranks include experienced, efficient and technologically savvy expatriate managers from both Asia and Europe.Visionary leadership at the top combined with managerial competence down the line has made the Bukhatir Group what it is today: a large, diversified, successful and profitable enterprise.

The future, according to Abdulrahman Bukhatir, should witness a strong upward swing in the Group’s growth momentum. “With the infrastructure and technology we now have in place, we will keep growing at an even faster rate than that of the whole Middle East region. We have the right ingredients for our Group to participate in this growth,” avers Abdulrahman Bukhatir.

His son Salah Bukhatir, Vice Chairman, drives home the point that growth will not be at the cost of excellence: “My vision is to make the Bukhatir Group an international institution that is counted as one of the world’s best run professional, diversified international business houses of its kind.”



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