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BEAM’s creative science schools receive prestigious Promethean Award.

Bukhatir Education Advancement & Management International (BEAM) announced the award of the Centre of Excellence designation to two of its schools on Sunday.

International School of Creative Science (ISCS),the Sharjah based flagship campus offering the British Curriculum, has once again been internationally recognised with a leading industry award for its advanced use of technology in the classroom.
“This is the third consecutive year that the school has been acknowledged for its continued impact in advanced classroom techniques using interactive technologies to facilitate teaching and learning for the students,” said Walid Ramadan, Principal, ISCS.
ISCS’s sister school, the newly opened American School of Creative Science (ASCS), also received the award for the first time this year, validating BEAM’s 360-degree educational environment by connecting technology to human ingenuity, teachers to their peers, teachers to their students, and every participant to a whole new world of learning.
“The Centre of Excellence represents the ultimate digital platform for effective group collaboration, teaching, teacher training and content presentations in class,” commented Majeed Sharaf, Vice President, Promethean Middle East.
Both ISCS and ASCS are operated by BEAM and are at the forefront of advanced curriculum and technology adoption across campuses and classrooms to positively impact learning. BEAM is best known for its excellence in operating K-12 international schools, with ISCS offering the British and UAE curriculum and ASCS providing the US curriculum alongside the UAE national syllabus. BEAM is also making forays into higher education, professional training and the development of management services for schools and independent school owners.
The honour is bestowed following a yearly evaluation by a team from Promethean UK, who not only assess technology adoption but also how it is leveraged for maximum Teaching and Learning impact.With millions of children all over the world being taught every day in thousands of classrooms equipped with Promethean technology, the ActivClassroom has become the leading learning platform for 21st century classroom teaching. “ISCS and ASCS are currently the only holders of the Promethean Award in the Middle East and UAE.” added Sharaf.
“These major achievements across the two schools are thanks to BEAM’s strategy to ensure consistency is kept across its schools in terms of infrastructure implementation as well as in the training of teachers to use the technology to make an impact on teaching and learning,” commented Mohammad Saleem Bhudye, Chief Information Officer, BEAM.
BEAM’s future plans include incorporating cloud-based services for its classrooms in order to maximise the opportunities with teaching and learning technology. The organisation aims to consolidate its leading position as a Centre of Excellence in education for the UAE and ultimately work towards replicating this vision for establishments with students across the world.
“My vision from the beginning was to see our educational system scaling and expanding its reach and benefits to the largest community possible.In becoming a Centre of Excellence across BEAM, I am happy to see this vision come to life. As BEAM continues to lead us towards a regional and international expansion of Creative Science Schools, our campuses in Sharjah shall remain the beacon of our knowledge base and a benchmark in technology leadership,” concluded Salah A. Bukhatir, CEO of BEAM and Vice Chairman of Bukhatir Group.

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