ULO Systems LLC

ULO Systems FZC is a limited liability company incorporated in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, founded in 1991 by ULO Offshore Ltd, Switzerland and German Gulf Enterprises Ltd, U.A.E., a wholly owned private company with its own long standing track record supporting the Offshore Oil and Gas industry.
ULO is the founder of the principle of engineering and designing a shape or form, manufacturing from a fabric to contain a hardening medium. ULO provides specialised products, solutions and services to support and protect subsea pipelines, cables, umbilical's and structures world-wide. The ULO Systems head quarters in Sharjah consists of:

  • Management, Project and Administration Offices
  • Fabric Formwork Production Workshop
  • Equipment workshop, storage and stores
  • Precast Concrete Mattress Casting Area
  • Quality Control Workshop, and
  • Staff facilities

ULO's primary engagement with the Offshore Oil and Gas market consists of designing and engineering a fabric formwork for filling with cementitious grout, providing clients with a innovative engineered, cost effective and proven solution to either protect, stabilise or support their assets subsea. We also manufacture Precast concrete mattresses for installation by divers or ROV installation. Further engagement in the industry see’s ULO providing specifically designed grouting equipment to tackle the environment extremities that are faced offshore globally, additionally we have highly experienced and trained personnel for the offshore oil and gas industry. Based on the in-house experience, ULO has evolved a wide range of specialised grouting equipment to suit the toughest offshore operating environments encountered throughout the world. ULO also provides experienced personnel and equipment for structural grouting requirement to platforms, offshore structures including under base grouting. To guarantee the correct application of the custom engineered fabric formwork in conjunction with the purpose designed grouting plant, ULO provides a comprehensive service of offshore operators. The company is a long term approved ISO 9001:2000 member. It provides a worldwide service from its base in Sharjah and has worked for all the major oil operators and offshore construction companies worldwide.


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