Senior Management

Salah Abdul Rahman Bukhatir

Mr. Salah Bukhatir, Vice Chairman of the Bukhatir Group, is a Graduate in Industrial Management from the Central Washington University and has several years of experience in managing Group companies of Bukhatir Investments Limited. He is also the Chairman of ABTEC group of companies.

Waleed Abdul Rahman Bukhatir

Waleed AbdulRahman Bukhatir is a Business Administration Graduate from the American University of Dubai in the year 2002.
He joined the Bukhatir Group in the same year and was under training in one of the manufacturing companies of the group, BUCOMAC Industries which specializes in Concrete and block manufacturing.

Khalaf Abdul Rahman Bukhatir

Khalaf AR Bukhatir Graduated in Business Management & Marketing, Joined Bukhatir Group in the year 2004 and Started the career with Nitco International L.L.C for 8 months and took charge of Emirates Technical Services as Managing Director. The core business of Emirates Technical Services is Scaffolding Rental, Contracts and Equipment rental division in a

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